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Key Driver Analysis Tool

The term Key Driver Analysis refers to any one of many statistical techniques that are used to discover which of a set of independent variables cause the greatest fluctuations in a given dependent variable.

Shapley Value Coefficients and Kruskal’s Relative Importance Weights are two of the most advanced techniques used to accomplish Key Driver Analysis. However, their use is often limited by the expertise and software required, and the time taken to run both analyses when many variables are considered.


Our solution:

We have created a fast, stand-alone tool that performs both Shapley and Kruskal analyses, in addition to Ridge Regression on a .csv format data set. The results are typically produced in seconds, as a bar-graph and .csv file. Even with 20 independent variables, the tool returns results in only a couple of minutes.


If you are new to Key Driver Analysis and want to get started quickly, or just want to have the edge over the competition, our tool is a cost-effective way of achieving your objectives.

Requiring no additional stats software, coupled with the fast, simultaneous run-time of all three methods, we believe, makes our Key Driver Tool unique in this field.


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