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If your organisation has an online presence, tracking customer and user interaction provides valuable insights to drive your business further. Facebook, YouTube and Google Analytics all provide methods of tracking and reporting on this data. However, assimilating it, reporting on it, and ultimately using all this data to support your digital marketing strategy, rapidly becomes time consuming - time you could better spend generating your campaigns and content.


To facilitate the analysis of such data, JumpData has created NetWorth, a stand-alone easy to use tool that extracts, cleans then exports this data in a user-friendly format from each of these three popular web platforms. Networth also provides a built-in facility to display this data in dashboard format, which can be either hosted externally on your organisation’s intranet. Reports can be automatically scheduled to run on a monthly, weekly or even daily cycle.


NetWorth is a highly cost-effective tool which compares extremely favourably with the paid-for reporting services offered by Facebook, YouTube and Google Analytics. NetWorth also allows the client to specifically define which dimensions and metrics they want to report on.

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